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VOROPAYEV Viktor. Models of degradation management spiral: conceptual approaches
KUKHAREVA Hanna. The development of France public administration: the experience for Ukraine
LYPOVSKA Kateryna. Intellectual potential in the context of social development management: concept and essence
MAZUR Oleksandr. Administrative process in public authorities: essence and content concept
ORHIIETS Oksana. Institutional memory: main stages of scientific thought development
RESHEVETS Ihor. Implementation of the concept of politicaland administrative management
SHCHEDRIN Yurii. Regulatory principles of anti-crisis strategy: world experience


HBUR Zoriana. Methodology for evaluating the economic security of Ukraine
HIRMAN Oleh. Social capital as a resource for regional development
DIACHENKO Andrii. Ways to ensure the integration of internally displaced people in Ukraine
KULISH Polina. The role of the project of community-based approach to local development in reforming public management relationship
MASHNENKOV Kostiantyn. Environmental policy of the state in the context transition from informational to post-informational society
MERZLYAK Anzhela, DROKOV Vadym. The organizational and economic mechanism of public regulation of labor migration of Ukraine in the conditions of modern challenges
PASTUKH Kateryna. Foreign experience of the State regulation of socio-economic regional development
PIDBEREZHNYK Nadiia. Institutional mechanism of public administration in the field of ethnopolitical relations in Ukraine
POLISHCHUK Hanna. State regulation of the sphere of small business: assessment of efficiency
RAHIMOV Faih. Functioning of the mechanisms of public administration by sustainable development of regions in the conditions of globalization
SOKOLOVSKA Nataliia. Normative-legal aspects of creating a system of energy resources accounting in Ukraine
FEDORCHAK Olha. Institutsialization of public administration of investment activity in Ukraine


BOTVINOV Rostyslav. Activities of the public service of special purpose for the protection of human rights in Ukraine
DYVNYCH Hanna. Influence of EU language policy on the activity of civil service of its member states
KOVAL Oleksandr. Improving the state personnel policy in Armed forces of Ukraine


HALIAS Nataliia. Japan experience of knowledge management in the system of local public administration bodies