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BORODIN Yevhenii. Mediation in public administration as a form of institutional compromise
HONCHAR Vita. The establishment of parliamentarism: the experience of the Great Britain for Ukraine
KAPINUS Oleksandra. State regulation of internal forced migration: a conceptual-categorical apparatus
KARPA Marta. Public-law dispute as a way of establishing and differentiating of the public authorities competences (theoretical aspects)
KVELIASHVILI Iryna. The essence of the national and custom interests in meeting the needs of society in the state customs policy
KOZAK Viacheslav. Knowledge management in the context of modernization of public administration in Ukraine
KUZMENKO Victor. Transformation of technologies of democratic governance under the development of the information society
MARTYNENKO Natala. Development of the Pension System of Ukraine: concept and essence
NOVAK Anatolii. National anti-corruption policy as a subject of the theoretical researches of state administration science


DENYSENKO Kateryna. Regulatory and legal support of state policy in the field of social protection of the elderly: current status and directions of improvement
DUNAIEV Ihor. Designing a comprehensive mechanism for the modernization of public regional economic policy
DIACHENKO Andrii. Social aspects of state policy of reintegration of internally displaced persons in Ukraine
MASHNENKOV Kostiantyn. Transformation of the state ecological policy in Ukraine in the context of the third and fourth industrial revolutions
OBUSHNA Natalia. Trends in public audit organization in the context of European experience
PODPIATNIKOVA Anna. State policy of the transitive space development of Ukraine
KHARECHKO Dmytro. Administration of the process of providing citizens with housing at the national and regional levels
CHERNIATINA Viktoriia. State regulation of sustainable rural development in Ukraine


BOTVINOV Rostyslav. Military service of Ukraine as an institute of public service


BOBROVSKA Olena, LYPOVSKA Kateryna. Intellectual resources of the territories development
IVASHYNA Liudmyla. Role of united local communities in rural green tourism development (full text)
LENENKO Inna. Competence of local self-government authorities of the Baltic countries: comparative analysis
CHERCHATYI Oleksandr. Mechanisms for the growth of the legal capacity of territorial communities: the experience of Poltava region