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Theory and History of Public Administration

GREBA R. Approaches to the interpretation of the concept social service in the theory of public administration
VORONA P. Features of the influence of political parties in Uzbekistan on the development of parliamentarism and local democracy in the country
MASHNENKOV K. Problems and perspectives of development of Ukraine as ecological state
PASKA O. Evolution of the presidency institute in post-communist Poland
ISHKOVA N. Public administration of environmental protection on Ukrainian lands: a retrospective analysis

Public Administration Mechanisms

HORBLIUK S. Normative-legal providing of activity of public authorities on the formation of regional innovation systems in Ukraine
GRYBKO O., GRABAR N. Administrative services provision system in Ukraine: services quality raising in modern circumstances
DAKAL A. Public policy on childrens rights: the principles, objectives and means of implementing
ILCHENKO V. Improving the importers level of compliance with customs laws by means of state regulators (full text)
KIRIEIEVA . Crowdsourcing as an innovative tool for public participation in public administration
KOVALCHUK V. Management of regional development: global context
KULGINSKYI E. Priority directions of the state policy of public health care of Ukraine
OLEKSIUK L. The mechanisms of legal support electronic access to public information and open data: state and development trends (full text)
PODPIATNIKOVA A. The state's role in quality improvement service in transit

Civil Service

AKIMOV O. Professional activities and civil servants officers of the local government: psychological aspects personnel management
BOTVINOV R. Approaches to classification of public service types
ONUFRIIENKO O. Features of United Kingdom civil service modernisation: quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations (full text)
SHPEKTORENKO I. Approaches to professional mobility of public servant in modern concepts of professionalisation

Local Self-Government

BABYCH O. Analysis of informational support to decentralization process in Zaporizhzhya Region
SUKHARSKA L. Legal regulation of financial support of local communities development in Ukraine in terms of fiscal decentralization