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Theory and History of Public Administration

ALEKSIEIEV Valeri. Governance theorists: researchers of the Renaissance period
BODNARCHUK Volodymyr. The essence and content of the "competence" concept in public administration
HONCHAR Vita. Prerequisites for the establishment of parliamentarism in independent Ukraine
KRYVORUCHKO Iryna. Constitutional and legal principles of administrative procedure in Ukraine
NOVAK Anatolii. Organizational and legal aspects of formation of national anti-corruption strategy in the conditions of implementation of the provisions of the association agreement EU - Ukraine
PRYLYPCHUK Oksana. European Administrative Space: rinciples and foundations
ROMAN Viacheslav. An experience of decentralization and deconcentration of power of the EU
CHEBAN Oleksandr. Evaluation of the communication function of public authorities
CHEREVKO Andrii. The evolution of scientific views on the state-building processes and the degree of their democratization in contemporary domestic public administration's theory

Public Administration Mechanisms

BOBROVSKA Olena. The creation of cluster-logistics system of passenger road transport as factors of influence on decreasing of unemployment in the regions
VERESHAK Vasyl. The mechanisms for implementation of the funded component of the mandatory pension insurance Ukraine
KIRIEIEVA lha. Perspectives of crowdsourcing as a tool for cooperation between the authorities and the public in the context of public administration development
MOLOKANOVA Valentyna. Methodological foundation of portfolio management for strategic regions development
OMELCHAK Kateryna. Mechanism of state regulation of land market: approaches to essence definition
TARASENKO Tetiana. Volunteering as national youth policy priority of Ukraine

Civil Service

BOTVINOV Rostyslav. Special state service: concept identification
KIZILOV Yurii. Legal regulation of service in civil service in Ukraine in the conditions of administrative reform
KOVALENKO Olha. pproximation approaches for modern leading cadres of Ukrainian public health to world standards
KOTYK Lidiia. Formation of professional competence of public servants in the context of personal capital development
ONUFRIIENKO Oleksii. Approaches to classification of civil service models: comparative analysis
KHAITOV Pavlo. The improving human resource management in the public service in terms of institutional change as a function of managerial leadership

Local Self-Government

BORODIN Yevhenii, ONASENKO Inna. The realization of the citizen's right to local government service: national and foreign experience
MANZIA Maryna. Ways of reformation of the local self-government system under the transformative conditions in Ukraine
YASHCHENKO Tetiana. Local self-government and local state authorities relationship on the implementation of delegated powers