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Theory and History of Public Administration

Alekseev Valerii. Elements of philosophic views on the social processes and state: Socrates studies
Begey Igor. Basic theoretical components of modern models of public administration
Groysman Volodymyr. Processes centralization and decentralization in contemporary public administration
Voronov Oleksandr. Interpretation of the concept of administrative decision in sphere of public administration
Pysmennyy Igor. Public administration impact on the contemporary processes of public development
Treshchv Myroslav. Decentralization as a means of resource self-sufficiency of territorial communities: theoretical aspect
Shtogryn Oksana. Formation of the concept of reproductive health in the context of human rights in the international legal practice: public administration aspect
Shelomovska Oksana. Public administration of higher education: methodological approaches

Public Administration Mechanisms

Bezzubko Borys. Improvement of public authorities activity in the sphere of strategic planning and of territories development
Voloshyn Oleksii. Mechanisms of state regulation of development of alternative energy in Ukraine
Dragan Iryna. The states role in harmonize ecological and economic interest in the nature
Kotelevets Dmytro. The Architecture of electronic cooperation of public authorities: an international experience (Full text)
Kotyk Lidiia. Implementation of the competence approach in public administration: a theoretical aspect
Krynychna Iryna. State regulation of health care reforming in Ukraine: the analysis of the expected results of reforms implementation
Kulginskii Yevhenii. Mechanisms of decentralization of public administration health systems: European experience
Matvejchuk Liudmyla. E-governnment in the Baltic States: experience for Ukraine
Maiev Andrii. State regional policy in Ukraine: background, objectives, legislative basis
Mykhailenko Olena. The transformation of axiological guides of the family institute as a factor of determining the directions of the state family policy (Full text)
Nahornichevsky leksandr. Public administration reforms of the armed forces logistics Ukraine in the country NATO
Podpiatnikova Anna. The development of transit potential in Ukraine: current trends
Popov Serhii, Holynska Olesia. Decentralization on the base of the program-target budgeting: experience for Ukraine
Saienko Oksana, Olmezov Vladyslav, Mashnenkov Kostiantyn. Government regulation of the development of motor transportation in Ukraine (Full text)
Ulyanchenko Yuriy, Gnatenko Alina. Information providing of decision-making process in public administration: new methodological approaches
Shcherbyna Sergiy. Agricultural sector government regulation in the context of Ukraines energy security

Public Service

Parhomenko-Kutsevil Oksana. The theoretic and methodological analysis of public service system development in Ukraine
Sorokina Natalia. Trends of prevention of corruption in public authorities at the present stage of state development
Suray Inna. Governmental recruitment service in the context of modernization in public service legislation in Ukraine

Local Self-Government

Shportiuk Natalia. Organizational and legal framework of municipal entities in the EU countries: experience for Ukraine